We are a Craft Distillery of BBQ pits-building one pit at a time with quality standards you can be proud of.
My name is Daniel Wright and I am the owner and craftsman for Rockin W Smokers. My family got our first smoker in 1984 when I was eleven. This is when my love for good, smoked meat started.  I grew up in Texas and growing up in Texas, you have to love BBQ!  As the years progressed, I passed on my love of smoking meat to my wife and three kids.  When I moved my family to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2002, I purchased my first "Box Store" smoker since I was now 4,000 miles from the family smoker. It did not take long for me to realize how inefficient the "Box Store" smoker was while smoking brisket at -40 degrees. Keeping a consistent fire going at those temperatures was very time consuming. After growing up building houses, building race cars and driving race cars, I decided it was time to build my own smoker. After the first smoker was built, I had a fellow racer and pit builder, look at my work and suggest a few changes to improve the function. After making those recommended changes, the pit ran like it should but I continued adjusting and trying new ideas for over a year until I was happy with the design. With the extreme cold weather I was in at the time, I designed my unique air intake for the offset pits to pre heat the air giving me a clean easy to manage fire during those -40 degree cooks. After cooking in a few BBQ contests, my cooking partner loved the pit so much he wanted to buy it to start competing with his wife. So we built me a new one. Eventually other BBQ teams started wanting new pits and since I was the only one in Alaska building them, they would come to me for their new pit. After going down to Texas late in the fall of 2014 to complete two large construction projects, I decided to build myself a new pit to do a few BBQ competitions. A few people had heard I was down in Texas building myself a new pit and asked if I could build them one at the same time.  That one for myself turned into six within a few weeks. Before I could get the first six built in Texas, I had my first dealer interested and ten more orders so I opened the Hurst, Texas shop we have today. We are still a small company that is more concerned with quality verses quantity but we are getting spread out across the United States with pits in 10 different states.       

Smoking good meat is an art that a quality smoker can make easier to produce. However, a good pit master can cook great food in a trash can.  It is not all about the smoker, but a well built, durable, fuel effecient smoker will help. Our sleek designs and custom paint jobs will help to give you the confidence you need whether you are cooking at home or in a competition. Their fuel efficient build will make it more cost effective as well. 

I do compete in a limited number of BBQ competitions each year using that experience with customer feedback to continually improve my products. Even with a small number of pits on the market, I have been lucky enough to have a Rockin W Smoker in the last Three Jack Daniels World Championships. The last seven BBQ competition's in the state of Alaska since February 2014 has been won by four different teams using a Rockin W Smoker. Currently, I have shops in Fairbanks, Alaska and the main shop in Boyd, Texas where I can manufacture your custom Rockin W Smoker.  My personal pits are always for sale. I normally have them listed on our Facebook page.  I still personally do some work on every pit that has my name on it and rolls out of my shop. All pits can be modified to fit your needs as every pit is built to order.  Currently we have around a six to eight week turn around once we receive your 50% deposit.  We are able to crate and ship the pit to you anywhere in the United States, Alaska or Canada for a fee. Shipping to Europe is possible on a case by case basis. I am proud of my product and stand behind my craftsmanship. Thank you for your interest in Rockin W Smokers and we look forward to welcoming you to the Rockin W Smokers family.